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We use our injector to help produce winning barbecue.

Important Injector Facts

  • Needle Specifications
    Pro-N-Ject needles are multi-hole, 1/4" Diameter, 5-1/2" long.----- Flav-R-Ject needles are 2 hole, 1/8" Diameter, 2-1/4" long.----- Chik-N-Ject needles are 2 hole, 3/32" Diameter. 3" long
  • Flav-R-Ject Deluxe Adapter Assembly .
    This adapter includes a "Push to Flow" valve and easy-quick-change Flav-R-Ject needle. Designed for injecting strained liquids with improved control. Fits ONLY the DELUXE and MIDI Pro-N-Ject model injectors.
  • Repair Parts Available
    We maintain a large stock replacement - repair parts. Available on our shopping cart.

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  • Injecting Ground Spices
    If you are trying to inject a liquid with some solid particles, like ground garlic or pepper, or thicker viscosity liquids, you need the deluxe model, it features a full flow ball valve, and a large bore needle with multiple size injection holes.
  • Chik-N-Jector Needle Adapter Assembly
    Designed to adapt our Pro-N-Ject model injectors, replacing the Standard Pro-N-Ject or Deluxe needles with a quick-change needle.

Ocala, FL 

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Easily replaceable needles
Assembled in the USA
Heavy duty equipment
Many satisfied customers

About our Injectors

  • Our Injectors are easy to use, dishwasher safe, help to eliminate contamination and their large capacity avoids constant refilling.
    This is a proven dependable, reliable system that is engineered for simplicity using the best materials. We use only the best materials in our injectors and quality parts.
    Our patented valve and needle assemblies inject large volumes quickly, works with smaller quantities (2oz.) and allow you to inject liquid marinades quickly and easily.
    Works great for: Chickens, Pork, Beef, BBQ, Turkeys, lamb and Hams . May be used to inject "tenderizing solutions" – Brine. They also work with any meat/food you want to add flavor and moisture into.
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  • This unit comes completely assembled and ready for testing, sterilization, and use. We recommend initial seasoning of this unit prior to first use to remove any residual artificial flavor. After sanitizing, insert a mixture of ½ cup each of vinegar, soy sauce, and Worcestershire sauce into the tank. Deluxe Model Info

    Used successfully for years by professional chefs, institution kitchens, commissaries, butchers, competition teams, barbecue cooks, and backyard enthusiasts.
    Injector FAQ

    Our MIDI model features a smaller 1/2 gallon container and our multiple hole, industrial strength, professional length needle, a short hose for easy use, and "push-to-flow" valve. Midi Model Info

    NoCents - The original designer of pump injectors for BBQ meats. Stephen Smith designed and created the first power injector for BBQ meats in 1981 for personal use.
    The Story of NoCents Injecctors

March 23, 2016
Injector FAQ
So Simple and easy, Just: FILL – PUMP – INJECT. Use brine or your favorite marinade to add moisture, and taste into any meat.....